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~Touched By Kisska Photography~

♥ Photography has always been a great part of my life, it amazes me how we can pause time with one click of a button and hold on to it for as long as we can.. It's wonderful to look back in time to all that was and will not be again.. Pictures are a priceless gift that I will always cherish ♥

♥ To all that I have captured, thank you for letting me be apart of your life's pages!!

♥ I work closely with my love Chris, thank you for your support and guidance!!

♥ Testimonials:

Shout out to Touched By Kisska Photography for the recent photo shoot. She's METAL!


♥ On 01/29/14 HOOGA had the opportunity to open for the metal band Soulfly at The Complex, it was a dream come true, so we knew we had to find the best photographer to record this history moment. She’s been a great friend of the band for a while, but we actually never worked with her before, but we’ve been following some of her work through bands like A Balance of Power, and we were always impressed with her work.
When we received the pictures we were just speechless, she didn’t just capture professional images, but emotions and feelings, and that is something that takes much more than just pressing a button. You now know who HOOGA’s official photographer is.

Thank you Kisska!


♥ The pictures you took of me turned out absolutely gorgeous, I have been wanting those taken for years while I am still relatively young, I wanted something I could look back on in my later years and show my grandchildren. I never thought I would ever get them done due to my adversity to having my pictures taken, I am very uncomfortable with it especially in a studio setting where I am the center of attention. You made me feel at ease & so much more comfortable. I cant thank you enough not only for the wonderful photos but for helping me feel so much more relaxed, you have a gift lady! Thank you so ever much, they mean a lot more to me then I ever thought they would as I will cherish them forever! Truthfully grateful!

♥ I was floored when I saw my photos. I have never seen myself like this before, I think Tennille did a great job with me. I have gotten so many compliments on these pictures. Cant thank her enough. I cannot wait to do family pictures next time!
Love Alexis

♥ A Big Shout out to Touched By Kisska Photography.She captured us with a professional photo shoot last weekend and the pics turned out AMAZING! Stop by and show her some luv!! HORNS!! AND THANK YOU Kisska!
~A Balance Of Power

♥ Thank you so much Kisska! The pictures printed out perfecty. I have never had a photo session go so smoothly. We got so many great pictures of our family and they were all so beautiful! I usually get maybe one shot that is usable from other photographers but every single picture you took was so amazing! Thank you so much! Much Love to you and your family! ~The Grills~

♥ I had a blast today with Kisska. I have always hated having my pic taken..They turned out awful..but Kisska was great, posed me just right..made it fun and easy. I love all the pics! and love Kisska too... ~Thyera~

♥ The pictures that were captured of the show were nothing short of incredible......although my heart pours out into my my face isn't the best .....or easiest to capture in a "flattering" moment:).....and not only did she capture the moment....but she was able to take me back on stage.....and back "in the moment".....which might happen for the viewer..but not often for the model so....I thank u....with my horns held high....and can't wait till the next time we cross paths again to see what u see through the eye of the lens..... and have good company all in one!:).... ~Jessica Tony Handsaker~ AKA Sixteen Penny

♥ This was so much fun I want to do this again, these good times will be in my heart forever I can promise you that, thank you Kisska.. ~Shilo~

♥ Kisska and Azelia are the sweetest people to work with. They both have an amazing talent. I LOVE the way my pictures turned out. I would recommend them to ANYONE!♥♥♥ ~Karen~

♥ Absolutely loved our photo shoot! Kisska does a fantastic job and knows what she is doing. Thanks so much for this wonderful memory! ~Tracee~

♥ ♥ Thank you so much kisska I had the best time doing these pictures, they all look amazing you made me look beautiful: ) and I had the best time ever thank you so much can't wait till the next time and can't wait to see what amazing things you come up with. Luv ya: ) ~DeDe~

♥ You are so talented! When we did my shoot, I had a killer time. You & Chris had me laughing the whole time! ~Claudia

♥ Kisska and Azelia have done a lot of photos for me and I ♥ every one of them, they are great at touch ups and creating cool photographs for I am lucky that they have done so much for me, I would recommend them to every one for any photography needs.. thanx again, looking forward to many more photo shoots to come!
~Ivy Rose~

♥ Kisska did a incredible photo shoot I never had so much fun having my picture takin,I was very impressed by the quality of the pictures and the professionalism she gives too her work .
Ty Kisska for everything! ~Loren~

♥ I am very amazed by your talent to make pictures look mesmerizing and fantasy-like. You have a beautiful touch and your personality makes the shoot very comfortable and exciting to be apart of. Thank you for the amazing work that you've done for my little family. I will highly recommend you to others! ~Penelope~


♥ I was horrified by the thought of having my pictures taken while
pregnant just because my body has never looked so awful but Kisska
completely changed my outlook on that by how amazing she made the
pictures look!!! Love the pics and would totally regret not getting
them done! Kisska’s amazing work made this pregnancy experience
completely joyful and one I will always love to look back on and
remember! Lots of Loves - Tiffanee

I will be adding more photographs as time ticks by, thank you for your patience ♥

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